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Eloit29 Jul 2019 11 : 07 : AM

Dear parents,

We are very happy to let you know that the Management of Navajeevan Bethany Vidyalaya, Nalanchira, has decided to transform the future with a new thought: #ThinkWell. The idea is to transform the minds of tomorrow by helping our children flourish today.

As we enter a new era in which machines will be fighting with human beings for jobs, we believe only those children who can acquire the ability to #ThinkWell will prosper. So, tomorrow's successful children will be those who learn to #ThinkWell today.

In an era when technology is the key driver, our children must be able to do more than what technology itself can do. Our children must be creative, our children must learn to be creative and for that the starting point is: #ThinkWell. The essence of #ThinkWell is derived from educo, the Latin origin of the word educate, which means to draw out or develop from within.

As a responsible parent who loves to gift a great future to your child, join us in our endeavour to create beautiful minds starting with your wonderful child. We know it will not happen in a day, a year or a couple of years, but as we all have learnt in our childhood: A great beginning is half the job done. So, we look forward to your support in this great cause.
Thank you.

With prayers and warm regards,

Fr. Thomas George
OIC, Administrator
Navajeevan Bethany Vidyalaya

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