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A day to be remembered

Eloit25 Nov 2017 05 : 11 : PM

Eighty five year old Komalakumari amma who is bedridden couldn't believe it that her wish to go to a temple could be fulfilled. What a joy she had!! The student representatives and a few teachers of NBV visited her, bathed her, clothed her and adorned her with accessories. The smile on her lips spoke hundred words. She experienced the warmth and care the students lavished upon her. They carried her to Thozhuvankode Devi temple to fulfil her wish. With a sparkle in her eyes and a smile on her face she stood before DEVI with folded arms. She slept peacefully on Varshas lap after the visit to the temple. An ineffable experience to the students of NBV! Thanks to H2O for arranging such a moment. A blessed moment indeed.

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