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Eloit28 Sep 2018 12 : 09 : AM

To inculcate universal values and World citizenship in Students Navajeevan in coordination with Peoplepro and E-education ,conducted GLOBEX on 28th September 2018.An Eight-foot high rotating Globe is placed on lawn and each classroom was assigned countries and their culture, art forms and their cuisine, national anthem and more were exhibited by the students from class VI to IX. K Muraleedharan MLA inaugurated the exhibition and a special session about the importance of Travelling and the life changing experiences that come along it was given to students by the famous and humble tea seller,Vijayan who had travelled 20 countries along with his wife Mohana.The countries represented were United States of America, Mexico, Brazil, Greece, Kenya, Scotland, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, England, Pakistan, Egypt, France, Srilanka, Russia, Japan, Germany, Australia, and South Africa.

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